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Adaire Fox-Martin
Executive Board Member, SAP SE, Global Customer Operations

Adaire Fox-Martin has served as a member of our Board since January 2020. Fox-Martin is currently a member of the Executive Board of SAP SE, leading Global Customer Operations (GCO) in 71 countries. She is responsible for SAP’s business across the globe with a resolute focus on the success of over 437,000 customers and over 14,000 GCO employees worldwide. She is passionate about helping customers realize greater business value through technology within their own unique environments. Four years ago she founded One Billion Lives at SAP, a social intrapreneurship program focused on improving the lives of one billion people around the world through creation of sustainable business ventures that have social mission at the core of their operations. In 2019, Adaire was named to Fortune Magazine’s Top 50 Most Powerful Women International List for the third time running.